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Welding services, metal processing

Welding servicesWe have a great pleasure to present our company and introduce its business profile. One of our basic assumptions is full customer satisfaction with the services we provide:

The customer satisfaction concerning the level of our services is one of the top-most priorities for us. State-of-the-art technologies, the use of superior materials and qualified staff ensure the highest-possible quality. Our know-how, construction facilities and machinery park:

All this enables us to carry out even very complex tasks related to metalworking - from the design of the product to its mass production.

The experience gained make it easy for us to flexibly adjust to our customers expectations. Proven management methods allow for a significant reduction of administrative charges. This is why we can provide competitive products prices compared to other companies in the business.

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Products and services:

metalworking servicesWe specialize in welding services, we have a lot of experience in the production of metal parts, metalworking services in the construction of hospital and rehabilitation beds, thanks to cooperation with important companies in the medical industry. These products are almost entirely exported to the European market. All projects are prepared according to detailed guidelines from customers. We also produce metalworking components for sectors related to agriculture, industry and modern furniture.

Our range of services also includes welding services - welding, pipe and profile bending on the CBC UNI 70 C bending machine, cutting on band saws, powder coating and, in cooperation, laser cutting of metal sheets, pipes and profiles, galvanic coating, pipe and profile bending.

Welding  servicesWelding  servicesWelding  services

Welding services

Welding robot welding services TA-1900WG3 and TA-1900WG4 with TOWERS system.

laser cutlaser cutlaser cut

laser cut

We offer BySmart Fiber 3015, Fiber 4000 fiber laser, which allows you to quickly enter the cutting technology.

Press punching Press punching Press punching

Press punching

Pressing and punching on mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 160 t. Repeatability and accuracy of pressings and die-cuts.

Bending on the  press  brake  Bending on the  press  brake  Bending on the  press  brake

Bending on the press brake

We perform sheet metal bending services on the DURMA AD-R 25100 press brake, with a pressure of 100 , up to 2. 5 m length of the bent element.

Powder coating Powder coating Powder coating

Powder coating

Modern powder coating plant - paint oven and spray booth equipped with OptiFlex 2 powder applicator.

Bending of pipes and profilesBending of pipes and profilesBending of pipes and profiles

Bending of pipes and profiles

Services of bending pipes and profiles using modern bending machines, allowing for bending and forming different radii in one bending cycle on one spatial detail (3D).