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Laser beam cutting

Precise metalworking is essential, without it it it is impossible to give the element a proper shape. The most popular method to do this is laser cutting. A laser is a device that is capable of producing a coherent polarised beam of electromagnetic radiation from the visible, infrared or ultraviolet regions. In laser cutting machines, the stored energy leads to rapid heating up and melting of the material on which the radiation beam falls.

The machines also use pure technical gases (oxygen, nitrogen or argon) to speed up the cutting process. Cutting can be done by burning, scratching or generating thermal cracks in the material structure. Laser cutting is characterized by a very high speed and the fact that the cut element does not require further processing i. e. e. g. smoothing the edges. Another important issue is that there is no damage to the material or that, thanks to the high cutting precision, it is possible to significantly reduce the area needed to cut out the elements, which results in great savings.

We offer BySmart Fiber 3015, Fiber 4000 fiber laser by Bystronic, which allows you to quickly enter the cutting technology

Highest cutting performance

Highest cutting performance in terms of highest productivity, while ensuring precision, quality and accuracy from thin sheets to sheets with of medium thickness.

Wide range of applications

Wide range of applications, where in addition to "black"; steel, stainless steel and aluminium we have also the possibility to process non-ferrous metals with the highest quality.

Ease of use and intuitive process control

Ease of use and intuitive process control enable easy and quick access to laser technology.

More profit on a single detail

Greater profit on a single piece is possible through quick realization. The cutting process, efficient programming and low machine operating costs.

Flexible process solutions

Flexible process solutions in combination with software and company automation Bystronic optimally integrates the BySmart Fiber machine into your requirements of today s sheet metal working process standards.


The parameters of the new machine:

Cutting is possible:

CutControl Fiber Unit

The CutControl unit improves the reliability process and continuously monitors the cutting process by smelting [N2] stainless steel and plain steel. The control system automatically corrects key cutting parameters. It detects the amount of light emitted by the workpiece and, if the cut is weak, adjusts the feed rate or, if necessary, stops the feed, recreates the cutting position and repeats the cut. In addition, the Cut Control function enables precise edge detection thanks to the precise detecting the position of the plate on the table. Repeatable edge detection accuracy with the cutting control is on average +/;-0. 15 mm. However, this accuracy can be achieved when the edges of the sheet are in good condition and the detected edges of the sheet are perpendicular to each other.

What are the benefits for customers with CutControl?

Puncture nozzle (burning)

The sheet metal is pierced using a special piercing technology (pulsed) - Piercing Jet. The application requires a nitrogen supply [N2]. Piercing Jet cools the puncture side and prevents overheating and melting of the sheet metal, so that the hole retains a minimum diameter.

Diode Laser Indicator

Laser diode indicator enables precise positioning of the head on the material to be processed.


"Scanning" allows for linear processing of rectangular and square holes. The time saving per part is up to 50% higher compared to cutting with the "Scanning" function off.

What is the client s benefit from using the "Scanning" function:

Significant reduction in machining time of parts up to 50%.