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Sheet metal bending on press brake

Sheet metal bendingBAPRO-MET metalworking facility offers sheet metal bending services using modern, numerically controlled press brakes Bystronic XPERT 40/1030 and Durma AD-R 25100. Our company guarantees the highest quality of service execution thanks to the use of high-quality edge tools - dies and punches with a wide range of applications. This allows us to undertake even the most complicated and demanding bends.

The maximum bending speed of sheet metal, which is characterized by our press brakes, allows for a significant reduction in the time needed to produce a series of metal components. The processor-controlled drive units of the machines allow for a reduction in energy consumption by up to 30 percent and a decrease in mechanical wear of machine components.

Sheet Metal Bending Services at Bapro-Met Company

At BAPRO-MET company, sheet metal bending is carried out using modern, numerically controlled (CNC), efficient, and precise Durma AD-R 25100 and Bystronic XPERT 40/1030 press brakes.

Technical Characteristics of the Bystronic XPERT 40/1030 Press Brake:

The XPERT 40/1030 press brake is a high-quality metal bending machine produced by Bystronic, a leader in the production of metalworking machinery. The technical characteristics of this press brake include a bending length of 1030 mm, a pressure of 400 kN, and a standard stroke [S] of 200 mm.

The maximum bending speed is 25 mm/s on the Y-axis, and the clearance [D] is 515 mm. The machine is equipped with a positioning accuracy on the Y-axis at a level of 0.004 mm, allowing for very precise bends.

The Bystronic XPERT 40/1030 press brake has many advantages, including high pressure force, which enables the bending of materials up to 8 mm in stainless steel and up to 12 mm in carbon steel. Additionally, the machine is very precise and provides repeatable bending results, which is extremely important in mass production.

The machine is also equipped with innovative technological solutions, such as a programmable upper tool pressure adjustment system, which provides even greater bending precision.

Technical characteristics of the Durma AD-R 25100 press brake:

The Durma AD-R 25100 press brake is an advanced device used for bending large metal sheets. It is characterized by high bending force and a wide range of bending lengths, making it an ideal tool for manufacturers who need efficient and precise press brakes.

The technical characteristics of the Durma AD-R 25100 press brake include:

One of the biggest advantages of the Durma AD-R 25100 press brake is its high bending accuracy. The device is equipped with precise measuring systems, which allows for accurate bending angles and eliminates the need for manual measurements. Additionally, the Durma AD-R 25100 press brake is equipped with safety systems, ensuring the operator's safety and reducing the risk of accidents during operation.

We invite you to cooperate with us in the field of sheet metal bending services

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art, precise, and numerically controlled machines, our company can provide customers with not only fast delivery times but also competitive prices. The software used in the machines allows for full control of the bending process and simulation of the bending process, which reduces the cost of the service and does not burden you with the cost of implementing the bending process after accepting the order.

We encourage you to take advantage of our sheet metal bending services. We ensure the reliability of the service and the highest quality and competitive prices.