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Powder painting

Our production gradually expands its services. We have launched a new branch of production - paint shop. Decorator operates on our premises. We focus on high quality services, which is why we purchased special equipment. Our working tools are:

The furnace is designed to melting and curing of coatings at temperatures up to 220 degrees. Consists of:

The work includes the supply of furnace temperature, which allows the existence of the process annealing painted elements.

Spray chamber is designed for the powder coating of metal objects. Consists of:

Use paint chamber for painting. We can paint small and large objects, which is an trump of this device.

OptiFlex 2 powder applicator is a device used for electrostatic application of powder coatings. Interacts with devices that are equipped with a powder container. The applicator adjusts the thickness of paint application by optimizing its use, while providing the high quality of the painted surface of the object. With applicator, you can paint the hard to reach places.

The second applicator is a NORDSON ENCORE HD powder gun. ENCORE HD system is a fourth generation device using innovative HDLV technology. The traditional method is based on fluidizing the powder and sucking it into the system using a Venturi tube, which requires a large amount of compressed air.

Thanks to the High Density Low Velocity (HDLV) technology used here, we are able to apply a high density powder at low speed and thus eliminate many disadvantages of the traditional method. We achieve optimum coating quality.

NORDSON ENCORHD powder gun - advantages of technology:

Chemical washer - phosphated materials such as steel, aluminium, zinc can be used. This process increases corrosion resistance, ensures adhesion before painting, gluing, vulcanization, etc.

Blasting is the process of cleaning metal surfaces from rust, scale, varnish and paint. It prepares surfaces for painting, thus providing greater durability. Shot blasting is widely used in the metal industry, including aircraft, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail and many others.

Two technologies are used: rotor blasting and pneumatic blasting. Surface preparation by means of blasting equipment consists in directing the abrasive flow (i. e. glass balls, corundum, steel gravel, etc. ) under high pressure to smooth out rough surfaces, roughen smooth surfaces or clean surfaces from contaminants such as paint or rust.

All these devices are required to carry out complex processes of coating and painting. They have all the necessary approvals and standards. Our employees take care of every detail of the product that comes out of our factory. We offer help and advice in the field of powder coating and varnishing metals. We believe that our work will bring benefits to all concerned.