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Rolling of sheets

Rolling is a metalworking process that involves processing flat metal sheets into products of a specific shape and thickness. During rolling, the metal sheet is passed between two or more rolls that conduct the material through the working area, where it undergoes compression and shaping.

There are various types of rolling, depending on the needs and requirements of production. Here are some of them:

Rolling is a complicated process that requires a high degree of precision and experience on the part of machine operators.

Sheet rolling in our company:

At BAPRO-MET, we provide sheet rolling services using the asynchronous 3-roll SMR-S 1070 x 150 rolling machine from Ostas. Our machine is one of the most modern models in the SMR-S series, capable of performing various tasks, including bending aluminum, producing air conditioning ducts, advertising panels, and more.

Our offer includes a wide range of standard accessories and technical specifications that guarantee high production quality. Our asynchronous 3-roll SMR-S 1070 x 150 rolling machine is equipped with a hydraulic positioning bottom squeezing roller, two horizontal rollers performing rotary, double squeezing movement, and a top roller driven by a hydraulic motor.

Our machine has many additional options, such as a PLC control system, a digital display for the back roller, rear roller movement using an electric motor, hardened rollers, extended shaft ends for mounting rollers for bending profiles and pipes, and profiled valve rollers.

Our rolling machine allows for rolling sheets with a maximum width of 1070 mm and a maximum material thickness with preliminary bending of 6 mm and without preliminary bending of 7 mm. The minimum bending diameter is 195 mm.

We invite you to cooperate with us in the field of rolling services

We encourage you to take advantage of sheet metal rolling services offered by BAPRO-MET - an experienced and professional metalworking company. Our company provides sheet metal rolling using modern and high-performance machines, ensuring precise and repeatable results.

Our engineering team and employees have many years of experience in the industry and constantly develop their skills to always offer customers services at the highest level. We use the best materials and tools to ensure that the rolled sheets are durable and resistant to damage.

Many customers have already trusted us, who appreciate the high quality of workmanship and timely execution of orders. Our services are used by both individual clients and companies, for which we produce, among others, structural elements, machine parts, and parts for industrial equipment.

By choosing BAPRO-MET, you gain a guarantee that the rolled sheets will meet your expectations and requirements. We offer competitive prices and a flexible approach to each order. We are also open to the special needs of our customers and gladly undertake atypical and demanding projects.

We invite you to cooperate! Contact us and see what benefits we can offer.