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We also offer the Xpert 40/1030 bending machine, a compact machine for bending small (thin and thick) parts at minimum cost.

Technical data:

Highest process efficiency

Additional acceleration and the highest response speed of the upper beam drives ensure excellent process efficiency. This supports an ultra-fast bumper system that moves almost in the blink of an eye.

Maximum application versatility

The 40T/80T pressure in combination with the massive body, stroke and resistance of the bumper system provide the highest flexibility and allow the use of tools of different heights for the production of small parts, deep box bending, even from thicker sheets.

Material Curve Generator Bending

The Material Bending Curve Generator provides highest bending accuracy in all material/tool combinations. The Material Bending Curve Generator simplifies the bending process, where bending allowance, strain relief and bending radius factor are automatically estimated. In a conventional way, the creation of such a database is based on the manual test method.

The Material Bending Curve Generator also supports users who design their own tools themselves and then purchase them from external suppliers to ensure maximum quality - even when using tools that are not Bystronic standard.

6-axis bumper (additional 3 axes)

In addition to the 3-axis bumper, we can offer a 6-axis version of the bumper fingers that are controlled independently of each other. In this solution, each bumper finger moves independently in all axes. Thanks to this, the most geometrically complicated shapes are not a problem. The titanium-nitrogen coating covers the fingers giving a special golden shine. This prevents excessive wear and ensures a lasting high level of precision. The fingers are optimised for bending small, small parts thanks to the shape that allows for multi-point base of the workpiece.