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Measuring arm

In 2018 we purchased one of the most modern measuring equipment available - a Hexagon measuring arm. The model we have purchased is ROMER ABSOLUTE ARM RA-7325. Additionally, we have equipped ourselves with a specialist Siegmund measuring table and the "POLYWORKS 2018"; measuring program.

The whole set enables us to control more precisely and meticulously the details we make with 0. 001mm accuracy.

This allows us to provide you with much better quality of our products. Moreover, this set enables us to introduce the "SPC"; system in our production process, i. e. statistical process control. Through the SPC we will be able to avoid unexpected production downtime caused by the wear and tear of tools necessary in the production process.

Application of the measuring arm in industry:

The measuring arm does not require heating. The sturdy carbon fiber construction provides strength, lightness, portability, and the high quality of laser scanners also provides 3D measurements, analysis and digitalization. Operating our arm is fast, easy and pleasant.

The ROMER Absolute Arm is ideal for carrying out:

We would like to invite to cooperation companies that need the most accurate measurements. Thanks to our device we are prepared for any working conditions.